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In order for us to continue our mission supporting children and families coping with death on Cape Cod, we rely on people like you through donations and sponsorships.

Good Grief Cape Cod is an initiative under the umbrella of Falmouth Together We Can, Inc.

We Provide Hope

We at Good Grief Cape Cod believe in one simple truth. We believe our project provides “hope for healing.”

We Educate Communities

We educate communities about grief studies around death, including workshops by professionals.

We Teach Coping Skills

We can't protect our children from the reality of death, but we can help them cope in constructive ways.

We Build Lending Libraries

Death and tragedy themed bibliotherapy books, activities, music & art therapy kits, and much more.

What is Good Grief Cape Cod

In a culture that often avoids talking about loss, Good Grief Cape Cod holds a great emphasis on and support for research that children of all ages do grieve.

Our mission is to promote positive change to how we as a society respond to grief by providing community engagement opportunities, sharing information and educational workshops that will provide our community with ways to help children and families cope with death.

Good Grief Cape Cod is an initiative under the umbrella of Falmouth Together We Can, Inc.,
a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Mission Statement of Falmouth Together We Can, Inc.:

"To build a community that cares, we will develop a network of people, groups, and businesses interested in promoting family, friendly neighborhoods, a healthy environment, positive activities and scholarships for children and teens, and the celebration of individual diversity, and we will design, foster, sponsor, and support activities devoted to these ends."

We work in partnership with several local practitioners and organizations which include: Coalition for Children, Sandwich Partnership for Families, Cape Cod Family Resource Center, Bourne for Children, DCF, Cape Cod Veterans Outreach Center, and Hope Health.

Bear Making Ladies

200+ bears donated!
Made by crocheters and knitters to provide comfort for grieving families.

Dollar Donations

$1100 donated of $2000 goal.
Thank you to our sponsors and local support providers!

Meals That Heal

7 meals donated!
Made by local chefs, cooks, and bakers from the community.

Learn To Use Good Grief

We provide participants with the knowledge of the many grieving developmental stages our children experience and ways in which adults can help children learn positive coping skills in today’s stressful world.

In your local Good Grief Lending Library you will find over 50 bibliotherapy book titles based on death and tragedy, activity cards, music therapy kits with instruments, art therapy kits with a variety of mediums, drama therapy kits with puppets, dress up materials and activity cards, yoga videos, and relaxation or mindfulness music. Funding for lending library locations have been provided in Falmouth, Bourne, Sandwich and Barnstable.

All Cape Cod community members are able to take part in our events and lending libraries at no cost.

Together We Can Make a Difference

The Lending Library, a no cost lending library of resources and tools to use at home or in educational settings for professionals and families to use located throughout the cape. Educational Community workshops, lead by leading educational specialist revolved around death and tragedy. Our Bear Making Ladies project will provide grieving children crocheted and knitted animals, our Community Advocates will help promote the project in their towns, help with preparing materials and mailing , our Entertainers who are good at making people laugh and experience fun and joy will provide events throughout the year for grieving families, Special Activity Leaders will provide activities for children while parents or care givers attend our workshops, our Meals that Heal Chefs provide meals to be consumed before workshops, our Fundraisers will create events to help continue the good works of the Good Grief Project, our Journey Drivers will provide transportation for families unable to get to workshops, and Child Care.

  • Bear Making Ladies - Crocheters and knitters needed to provide comfort and memory bears for grieving children and families.
  • Meals That Heal Chefs - Chefs, cooks, and bakers needed to provide our workshop participants a meal before their events.
  • We Care Child Providers - Provide child care for community members to attend workshops.
  • Journey Drivers - Provide transportation for community members that may need rides to participate in workshops.
  • Hope Supporters - Grieving families helping grieving families by offering support and sharing coping strategies.

These services Good Grief Cape Cod offers will make a positive change for children and families and will promote brighter futures for them. We hope you will consider being a part of our effort. Please contact us for more information.

Amy Caspersen Wyman

Founder, CEO

Amy Wyman, founder and music therapist, holds a duel Baccalaureate degree in Early Childhood Education and Child Life from Wheelock College and an M.A. in Expressive Art Therapies with a specialization in Music Therapy from Lesley University.

Amy spends most of her spare time focused on using her talents and resources to help her local community. From her music therapy business Tones in Motion, which bridges the generational gap between the elderly and the youth, to her Good Grief workshops and fundraisers, she's always finding ways to make this community, and the world, a better place.

The events occurring around the world for the younger generations to cope with, is unimaginable, specifically regarding death and tragedy. Disasters, whether triggered by Mother Nature or by humanity itself, fall upon us day after day, killing and injuring thousands of people at a time.

Among these disasters, one hits home for many children and families here on Cape Cod. The human toll of the drug epidemic continues to plague the Cape and Islands. Children and families are left behind to grieve their loved ones.

Using my varied educational and therapuetic background, and my training as a Certified Creative Grief Support Coach, I will work with local professionals and volunteers to provide support to the larger Cape Cod community.

If you're interested in our mission or in working with me, please reach out!

Falmouth Rotary

The Falmouth Rotary Club was founded in 1927,
"Service Above Self."

Cape Cod Health Care

Kiwanis Hyannis

April Seamless Gutters

Wheelock College

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Help Us Help Others

Your help is needed like never before to support grieving children and families in our Cape Cod communities.

Quick Questions

Good Grief is a project that brings education, resources, and good-hearted people to those who need it at the time they need it most, after a death-related tragedy.

We use your donations to purchase things like books, educational kits, training materials, stuffed animals, food, and other important things like rent for our community space in East Falmouth.

Use this contact form to get in touch with Amy and she'll respond to you personally. We can use all the help we can get!

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Good Grief Cape Cod is a non-profit that wants to ease the suffering of the unfortunate members of our community. We hope to provide services and support for those who need it most.