About Good Grief

In a culture that often avoids talking about loss, Good Grief Cape Cod holds a great emphasis on and support for research that children of all ages do grieve.
Our mission is to promote positive change to how we as a society respond to grief by providing community engagement opportunities, sharing information and educational workshops that will provide our community with ways to help children and families cope with death


Pillars of Good Grief Cape Cod

  • Community Engagement

    We invest most of our time and energy on community engagement. In groups, at events, and through our networking events, we truly appreciate the quality of face to face interactions.

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    Training and Workshops

    With dozens of educational opportunities for everyone from family members to professionals, we encourage our community to learn the tools and skills to help others who are grieving.

  • Lifetime Support Networks

    It's not just about events and engagement, it's about sustaining a support system that can last a lifetime. We want to build long-lasting friendships that are there when we need them.

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Our Parent Organization

Good Grief Cape Cod is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 
All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
We work in partnership with several local practitioners and organizations which include: Coalition for Children, Sandwich Partnership for Families, Cape Cod Family Resource Center, Bourne for Children, DCF, Cape Cod Veterans Outreach Center, and Hope Health.

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